The Inevitable Birthday Post

March 8, 2011 § Leave a comment

It’s that time again kids. That one time of year where everyone stops what they are doing and showers me with gifts to celebrate the day I was given life. 😀

Okay, maybe not like that but it IS my birthday week. I know some people who celebrate the whole month, so hey, I can have a birthday week, alright?!

It seems to be the same old song and dance for me. Every year my birthday goes as follows:

1. Get excited a few weeks beforehand.
2. Talk non stop about said birthday
3. Post blog with link to wishlist for non existent friends
4. Get depressed and pout because I am worried about it not being special
5. Stop being excited and feel like its just a normal day
6. Celebrate birthday with Elliott & family and have a great time
7. Wonder how my birthday came and went so fast

This year I am going to try to cut out 4 & 5. I have a good amount of things that Im doing with the few people I keep close. Saturday I am going to have lunch with my mom and sister and get my awesome GHD flat iron. Sunday is my actual birthday and Im going to upgrade to iPhone 4 and Elliott is taking me to La Fondue, Monday my friend/coworker will be decorating my desk and the following week I am going to paint pottery. Not too shabby. Before Elliott I have never had a significant other who gave a damn about MY special days, so I guess sometimes my emotions get the better of me when it comes to worrying about stuff like that. I havent had many friends who wanted to do things for me, and I only had parties or celebrations as a young child. I like being excited about things. Birthdays, holidays, I like to do it up big. I want to feel special because I try to do that for others the most I can. But I am starting to realize that it doesnt matter how many people come to my party, or what I do. Its about being with the people (no matter how many) I truly care about and experiencing life. So, heres to that. This birthday is going to be great.

But, for the sake of tradition: My Amazon Wishlist <–click me!

Amazon lets you send presents directly to me without having to come to my party or even look at me!

What? I like presents.



February 17, 2011 § 2 Comments

Why do people have kids if they can’t take care of them properly? This is a question I find myself asking a lot lately.

I do not have kids so I do not know how it feels to struggle while raising a child, but thats really one of the main reasons I do not have kids! I consider myself a traditionalist when it comes to things like this.

1. Meet someone and have a relationship.
2. If 1 works out well for you get married
3. If 2 works out well start a family

While I understand that not everyone feels this way and in this day and age kids before or without marriage seems to becoming less of a taboo, I still do not get why you would bring a child into this world if you cannot care for it. I dont mean being able to buy a multipack of diapers from Walmart and bulk sized jars of baby food from the dollar store. I mean really and truely being able to financially support a child. I see so many cases where parents and single moms are living in a one bedroom apartment, on welfare, can’t buy food etc. So my question is, why did you have the baby to begin with? I honestly believe that bringing a child into this world when you can’t care for it, give it EVERYthing it needs without struggling is worse than having an abortion. I understand that religion may disagree, or people with different morals and values may disagree but if you did not take the proper precautions to not get knocked up and you still have the baby because “its the right thing to do” even though you can’t even afford to take care of yourself then it is THE WRONG CHOICE. If you do decide to have the baby, give it up for adoption. I think it is really selfish to bring a kid into the world if youre not financially stable or emotionally responsible. Think of what youre bringing this innocent into. Think of how they are going to grow up. Why would you want to do that to someone?

I normally wouldn’t be saying anything about this but I am finding more and more that people around me have 1-3 kids and are still complaining about money. People living in studio apartments with children. People who can’t afford to pay their rent or bills but they have children. These seem to be the same people who have the time to complain about how they have no money to pay said rent and bills but still find a way to buy things for themselves. Clothes, makeup, shoes. OR they use the money they were supposed to be saving on these items instead. I just cannot stand it. No, you do not need to go to the makeup store. No, you do not need a new pair of shoes. No, no, no. What you should be doing is a favor for the world and just stop having sex until youre ready to accept the responsibility that comes along with it. And Im not talking about the responsibility of being a parent. You’re not better than anyone because you have to raise a kid. We ALL have to pay rent. We ALL have bills. You should not get pity for a choice that YOU made. You should not get sympathy if you are struggling because of something YOU did. Almost everyone I went to high school with has a kid and 80% of them can’t afford to take care of them. Why do they have them then? Its one thing if something happens and youre not doing very well for a while. I get that bad things happen, I get that things get rough for all of us at one point or another. I’m not talking about those people. I know a lot of people as well who have kids and work hard as parents, and are responsible and work to provide a loving and supportive family. But I don’t see enough of this, and I’d like to.

I’m usually not one to judge but this subject has just been driving me batty lately. One thing is for sure; I will not be having kids until I know I can give them everything they deserve. That should be the first thing you ask yourself when you think you want a baby. Period.

To go generic, or not to go generic

February 2, 2011 § Leave a comment

I had a run in with a bottle of generic Pepto and it was so upsetting to me that it inspired this blog post.

Elliott and I have had opposite views on this since the day we started dating. I remember a time we went shopping at Target together years ago and we discovered this. I believe it was a bottle of pills, and while i went to get the brand name Advil, he went with this over sized bottle of store brand pills. I was thinking “What the heck is he doing??” He tried to explain to me that it was a cheaper way to get basically the same thing as the store brand. There was no reason to buy a “label” he said. I thought he was crazy. I will however admit that since then I have become a lot better about not buying store brand if I don’t need to. Elliott has rubbed off on me and I now find myself looking at prices before grabbing the store brand. So I thought nothing of it when I went to Target a few weeks ago and grabbed a big bottle of store brand Pepto. It was more than a dollar cheaper than the name brand! Score right? Wrong.

I have acid reflux and I am really bad at taking my daily pill to not have acid reflux so I count on Pepto to get me though the rough times. I used to be a Tums kind of girl, but now its all about the Pepto to me. So imagine my surprise one night when I woke up with heartburn and went in search of my miracle worker and instead of I got this disgusting pink crap. So let me just tell you right now, GENERIC PEPTO TASTES NOTHING LIKE BRAND NAME. I was shocked and thought to myself, “Where is my sweet peppermint nectar? What is this disgustingness?” Needless to say, we went to Target again that weekend and got the real stuff.

I have decided to make a list for all of my three readers to use as a source of reference when you thinking should I or shouldn’t I when it comes to generics. This is coming from only personal experience.

Paper Towels: Yes. I have not noticed a difference and they seem to always be way cheaper.
Soda: I think this is iffy depending on the kind of soda, but I LOVE Lucky brand root beer.
Pain Pills: The large generic bottle is actually a better value if you dont mind not having the sweet coating.
Kitcheny Things: Garbage bags, sandwich bags, aluminum foil, saran wrap all are cheaper and work just the same.
Toilet Paper: Now this is funny because though I think Target brand toilet paper does the job, Elliott won’t buy anything buy Cottonelle!
Face Wipes: I bought a two pack of Equaline face wipes to remove my makeup and they really work! It was like 120 wipes for 4 bucks where as I used to buy those Ponds one for 8 bucks!
Heartburn/Upset Stomach Relief: DO NOT BUY GENERIC PEPTO BISMOL

I hope this helps you on your next shopping experience. 🙂

Commitment Issues 2011

January 25, 2011 § 1 Comment

In order to keep myself blogging, I have decided to commit to the Post A Week 2011 thingie and at least once a week. They have topics and such you can use if you get stuck, so hopefully that helps. Maybe they should make a group or help topic for the people who have commitment issues with blogs. This little project shows I would not be the only one there.

Anyways, so here we go! Post a week! Woo! Im totally hyped. I think I can, I think I can.

…Does this post count?

Not new, but improved.

January 24, 2011 § Leave a comment

Elliott hates that saying. He says, how can something be improved if it is new? You have to admit, he does make a point there. I try to think about it, but I really can’t make any sense out of it. If its NEW it can’t be improved. Because it is a new product. If its an improved thing of something else, like say, fruiter Fruity Pebbles then it CAN be considered improved but its not new. Stupid marketing.

Anyhow, since its been almost a full year since I posted (I did predict this) I shall dub this blog Not New, But Improved. I intend to use this thing as an outlet for my frustration. A little more raw than before. Probably a little more offensive and less considerate of your feelings. I have to let these thoughts out somewhere. My thought is that if youre offended then its your own fault because you chose to read this in the first place. I might not earn many fans with that state of mind, but I sure as hell will be less frustrated than before! And that alone is a WIN in my book.

I plan to come back later tonight after the first day of riding my exercise bike to not be fat plan, and tweak with some things. Starting with this ugly layout.

Back with a vengence.

March 1, 2010 § Leave a comment

Seeeee I told you I would return. It feels like a lot has gone on, and at the same time nothing has changed. The holidays were great, Riley loved Christmas day and it was great bring him to Quito. Elliott and I both got what we wanted, and all in all the last 3 months have been pretty great for me. We are discussing the next steps for our future and I am excited for things to come. The most exciting thing on the list as of late is my birthday! Every year I make a big deal out of it, but this year I actually have something to make a big deal about. We are going to Disneyland. Here is the schedule as follows:

Day 1: Drive to Anaheim, stop along the way for snacks, settle into hotel, have a relaxing dinner
Day 2: My actual birthday! Disneyland!
Day 3: California Adventure!
Day 4: Aquarium of the Pacific and come home
Day 5: Last day off before returning to work

I am super excited. I had a dinner planned too, where I invited half of the people on Facebook that I knew I wouldn’t mind being around, and then just like me I cancelled it. Only three people had confirmed, and it make an awkward group and it was just not what I wanted. I’ll be honest with you, I know I don’t have any friends. Not any real friends anyways. Maybe like..3 not counting Elliott. I don’t really have people who will have my back whenever I need them, people who make an effort to be around me and remember important days, people who would come get me if I was in a bind. I just don’t have it. Besides family, I think the only person I can truly count on is Elliott. And while a lot of times it makes me sad that I don’t have a gaggle of friends like you see on tv and wish and hope for, I’m honest in saying I don’t have the heart and motivation to give what I want to receive. Treat others how you want to be treated, right? Well sometimes I just feel like friends are a waste of time. I don’t like going out, I don’t like drinking, I don’t have what it takes to be someones friend I guess. I need a friend who just wants to stay in. Someone who doesn’t mind not talking for a few weeks but still comes around when important dates come up. And come on, we’re human, we’re selfish, whats the one thing we really want for our birthday? For me its lots of presents. Maybe that sounds bad, but hey, its my birthday, and I’ll cry if I want to. In a I’m totally not trying to sound like a selfish bitch way, that was why I wanted the dinner in the first place. One I realized no one really cared out me enough, just like I don’t really care about anyone else enough, I cancelled the dinner and bid adieu to the idea of a fulfilled wish list.

I’ll tell you what though, this year, Elliott and our vacation is really all I need. I’m content with the simple things in life. As much as I am a selfish materialistic girl, deep down, love, family and a fluffy white dog is all I’ll ever need.

Until next time WordPress. I’m now ditching you for the 360.

Its been one week since you looked at me…err..3 months..

March 1, 2010 § Leave a comment

Oh wordpress. Can I use the holidays as an excuse for not updating even though its March? Lets just say say you forgive me as an early birthday present. Ill update tonight. I promise. No, really. I totally will.

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