Riley goes to the park.

November 21, 2009 § 1 Comment

We took Riley on his first real walk today. Normall we just walk him a couple of loops around the apartment complex, but we decided to see if he was ready for the 1 mile walk to the park. He was such a good boy! He was so interested the whole way picking up leaves and sticks. He was a little startled at first by all the cars driving by, but he got over it after a while. He’s still getting used to the leash, isnt fully comfortable with leading yet. All he usually wants to do is sniff sniff sniff and then eat something off the ground. We got to the park and decided to let him off the leash. He absolutely loved it. He ran back and forth to Elliott and I, and just loved being in such a big open space. I loved taking him there. He ran and ran and ran, and ate every dandilion he came upon. For some reason he also has a fascination with picking up other dogs poop (clean up after your dogs people!) so once that happened it was back on the leash and on the way back home. I think we are going to take him back tomorrow. Riley has so much energy its nice for him to be able to do that. Hes now sleeping, and happy as can be.



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