To go generic, or not to go generic

February 2, 2011 § Leave a comment

I had a run in with a bottle of generic Pepto and it was so upsetting to me that it inspired this blog post.

Elliott and I have had opposite views on this since the day we started dating. I remember a time we went shopping at Target together years ago and we discovered this. I believe it was a bottle of pills, and while i went to get the brand name Advil, he went with this over sized bottle of store brand pills. I was thinking “What the heck is he doing??” He tried to explain to me that it was a cheaper way to get basically the same thing as the store brand. There was no reason to buy a “label” he said. I thought he was crazy. I will however admit that since then I have become a lot better about not buying store brand if I don’t need to. Elliott has rubbed off on me and I now find myself looking at prices before grabbing the store brand. So I thought nothing of it when I went to Target a few weeks ago and grabbed a big bottle of store brand Pepto. It was more than a dollar cheaper than the name brand! Score right? Wrong.

I have acid reflux and I am really bad at taking my daily pill to not have acid reflux so I count on Pepto to get me though the rough times. I used to be a Tums kind of girl, but now its all about the Pepto to me. So imagine my surprise one night when I woke up with heartburn and went in search of my miracle worker and instead of I got this disgusting pink crap. So let me just tell you right now, GENERIC PEPTO TASTES NOTHING LIKE BRAND NAME. I was shocked and thought to myself, “Where is my sweet peppermint nectar? What is this disgustingness?” Needless to say, we went to Target again that weekend and got the real stuff.

I have decided to make a list for all of my three readers to use as a source of reference when you thinking should I or shouldn’t I when it comes to generics. This is coming from only personal experience.

Paper Towels: Yes. I have not noticed a difference and they seem to always be way cheaper.
Soda: I think this is iffy depending on the kind of soda, but I LOVE Lucky brand root beer.
Pain Pills: The large generic bottle is actually a better value if you dont mind not having the sweet coating.
Kitcheny Things: Garbage bags, sandwich bags, aluminum foil, saran wrap all are cheaper and work just the same.
Toilet Paper: Now this is funny because though I think Target brand toilet paper does the job, Elliott won’t buy anything buy Cottonelle!
Face Wipes: I bought a two pack of Equaline face wipes to remove my makeup and they really work! It was like 120 wipes for 4 bucks where as I used to buy those Ponds one for 8 bucks!
Heartburn/Upset Stomach Relief: DO NOT BUY GENERIC PEPTO BISMOL

I hope this helps you on your next shopping experience. 🙂


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