Not new, but improved.

January 24, 2011 § Leave a comment

Elliott hates that saying. He says, how can something be improved if it is new? You have to admit, he does make a point there. I try to think about it, but I really can’t make any sense out of it. If its NEW it can’t be improved. Because it is a new product. If its an improved thing of something else, like say, fruiter Fruity Pebbles then it CAN be considered improved but its not new. Stupid marketing.

Anyhow, since its been almost a full year since I posted (I did predict this) I shall dub this blog Not New, But Improved. I intend to use this thing as an outlet for my frustration. A little more raw than before. Probably a little more offensive and less considerate of your feelings. I have to let these thoughts out somewhere. My thought is that if youre offended then its your own fault because you chose to read this in the first place. I might not earn many fans with that state of mind, but I sure as hell will be less frustrated than before! And that alone is a WIN in my book.

I plan to come back later tonight after the first day of riding my exercise bike to not be fat plan, and tweak with some things. Starting with this ugly layout.


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