The Inevitable Birthday Post

March 8, 2011 § Leave a comment

It’s that time again kids. That one time of year where everyone stops what they are doing and showers me with gifts to celebrate the day I was given life. 😀

Okay, maybe not like that but it IS my birthday week. I know some people who celebrate the whole month, so hey, I can have a birthday week, alright?!

It seems to be the same old song and dance for me. Every year my birthday goes as follows:

1. Get excited a few weeks beforehand.
2. Talk non stop about said birthday
3. Post blog with link to wishlist for non existent friends
4. Get depressed and pout because I am worried about it not being special
5. Stop being excited and feel like its just a normal day
6. Celebrate birthday with Elliott & family and have a great time
7. Wonder how my birthday came and went so fast

This year I am going to try to cut out 4 & 5. I have a good amount of things that Im doing with the few people I keep close. Saturday I am going to have lunch with my mom and sister and get my awesome GHD flat iron. Sunday is my actual birthday and Im going to upgrade to iPhone 4 and Elliott is taking me to La Fondue, Monday my friend/coworker will be decorating my desk and the following week I am going to paint pottery. Not too shabby. Before Elliott I have never had a significant other who gave a damn about MY special days, so I guess sometimes my emotions get the better of me when it comes to worrying about stuff like that. I havent had many friends who wanted to do things for me, and I only had parties or celebrations as a young child. I like being excited about things. Birthdays, holidays, I like to do it up big. I want to feel special because I try to do that for others the most I can. But I am starting to realize that it doesnt matter how many people come to my party, or what I do. Its about being with the people (no matter how many) I truly care about and experiencing life. So, heres to that. This birthday is going to be great.

But, for the sake of tradition: My Amazon Wishlist <–click me!

Amazon lets you send presents directly to me without having to come to my party or even look at me!

What? I like presents.


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