Riley goes to the park.

November 21, 2009 § 1 Comment

We took Riley on his first real walk today. Normall we just walk him a couple of loops around the apartment complex, but we decided to see if he was ready for the 1 mile walk to the park. He was such a good boy! He was so interested the whole way picking up leaves and sticks. He was a little startled at first by all the cars driving by, but he got over it after a while. He’s still getting used to the leash, isnt fully comfortable with leading yet. All he usually wants to do is sniff sniff sniff and then eat something off the ground. We got to the park and decided to let him off the leash. He absolutely loved it. He ran back and forth to Elliott and I, and just loved being in such a big open space. I loved taking him there. He ran and ran and ran, and ate every dandilion he came upon. For some reason he also has a fascination with picking up other dogs poop (clean up after your dogs people!) so once that happened it was back on the leash and on the way back home. I think we are going to take him back tomorrow. Riley has so much energy its nice for him to be able to do that. Hes now sleeping, and happy as can be.


Adventures in Housesitting

November 15, 2009 § Leave a comment

So I guess I failed on doing the day to day thing. But hey at least Im back. Thats gotta count for something right?

This weekend was interesting. Normally my weekends are filled with not much of anything, but they go by in a flash. This weekend however seems very full. Happy. Comforting. Very fullfilling to say the least. And its all thanks to Elliotts dad, and a little thing called housesitting.

Elliott and I got to enjoy 2 lovely days not in a third story apartment with killer cats. Dont get me wrong, I love my apartment and I especially love my cats. But staying in a house makes you feel so…comforted and stable. Plus we got to hang out with my favorite Husky, Max! Friday night we had fast food which I was paying for later on in the night and watched tv and played Smash Bros. Something we havent played in a long time and it was super fun and nostalgic. Saturday was filled with shopping at the mall, which normally Elliott does not have much tolerance for but I am pleased to say he was so patient and calm that it was very relieving for me. We had a great home cooked spaghetti and meat sauce meal with the company again of Charlie Sheen. Today we walked the dogs which completely wore them out  and just relaxed before packing up and heading back to reality.Work rears its ugly head tomorrow and we will be thrust into returning to the “real world”. But thats okay, we all have to do it.

I love being able to do these things because it shows me a picture of my future. How my life with Elliott will eventually play out. Together in a house with our dog and just loving and enjoying each other everyday. I cannot wait to have a house of our own with no shared walls, no annoying neighbors, no shared dog pooping areas, and no stairs to climb. I can’t wait to be able to look at the life we have created and now there is so much more in store. But for now I am completely happy sharing my life with him in our thirs story apartment, with our cottonball dog and four flights of stairs. I enjoy my life. Killer cats and all.

A Clean Slate

November 12, 2009 § Leave a comment

Oh WordPress, will you be the answer to my commitment problem to blogging? I’ve had 3 livejournals, 2 xangas, and 1 myspace blog.  I know my story oh so well. I start off strong, blogging everyday. Then it slows down to once a week, then once a month. Now its been over a year since Ive posted anything on my last blog. Are you different WordPress? Am I different? Am I so super exciting now that I can keep up with you?

In an ideal world I’d use this blog to keep up on all things going on in my life. The good, the bad and everything in between. I want to record all the great memories I have had and will have. I want a record of all the things that happen day by day, because in one moment I know everything can change. Because I know some days I will be so happy and so excited about something that I will need someone to write it. Because I know some other days things will be so bad I will need some sort of outlet. Some place that will never judge me. Somewhere I can be myself, all the time. Somewhere I dont have to worry about anyones feeling but my own. Because year and after year I write three pages in a paper journal hoping I can let out my feelings no matter what they may be and I only end up with stacks of blank journals.

So WordPress, will you be the change for me? I guess only time will tell. See you tomorrow.


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